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               Newhop Battery CO.,Ltd focus on batteries since 2008. Founded by over 10 years experience rechargeable batteries R&D engineers,Sales and Production management team. Over 800 hundreds well trained and operated workers.9000 square plant room.

            Main produce 18650 battery,lipo battery,li-ion battery,lifepo4 battery and nimh battery and assembly battery packs.which widely used for Electric bike,Golf cart,Lighting,Smart phones,Tablet PC,Bluetooth headset,GPS,PDA,Medical Equipment,Solar storage UPS,Toys and so on.

         Batteries UL/IEC62133/PSE/CB/UN38.3/CE/MSDS certificated.OEM/ODM accepted. 
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    18650 battery
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    rechargeable lithium ion battery manufacturer
    18650 battery,lipo battery,li-ion battery,cylindrical li-ion battery,lifepo4 battery,nimh battery,primary lithium battery,... [View More]
    Name: Felix Huang
    Tel: +86-134 1861 6434
    Fax: +86-755 2801 4295
    Mobile: +86-134 1861 6434
    WeChat: 13418616434
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    QQ: 459897371
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    E-mail: felix@nhbattery.com
    Add: Room 1213,Rongtail Building,Huarong Road, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen city, China
    QQ: 459897371
    skype: newhopbattery
    email: felix@nhbattery.com
    msn: newhopbattery@hotmail.com
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